Is it applicable to keep dorsal hump while elavating (rotating) and defining tip? (Photo)

I m going to have rihnoplasty in short terms there i m researching as i m typing. I want to keep dorsal hump on my nose rather elavate or Project tip upwards along with defination while my nose front looks little bit meaty when I left tip upwards. The tip of my nose is pointy projecting downwards. Picture Speaks a thousand words. The shape of my nose is "under projectednose" wanting more like "overprojectednose". From front view it looks meaty. Is possible trim it slim it for frontal view.

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Rhinoplasty with tip refinement but leave the dorsal hump

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Patients commonly ask to have their tip changed but their bridge left as is. This may be appropriate for you, depending on the shape of your nose. During a consultation, I try to uncover why a patient who has a dorsal hump would want to keep it as is. Often times, the patient is under the impression that if they leave their bridge untouched, their surgery will be easier and have a shorter recovery. This isn't true. Recovery from rhinoplasty surgery is 1 - 2 weeks regardless. Other times, patients are afraid about hump reduction because they believe their nose will be "broken". Hump reduction is achieved with a series of really gentle bone cuts and nothing like having the nose violently broken.

Please keep in mind that if you do have a dorsal hump, leaving it while changing the tip of your nose would probably look odd and you may regret this decision later. The most important part of the process is that you discuss your objectives and concerns with an expert, who can evaluate your specific nose. A consultation with a rhinoplasty specialist that does computer imaging is essential for a quality discussion.

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Rhinoplasty procedure candidate

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 A full set of photographs of your nose are required before making any determination about being a candidate for leaving the dorsal hump  behind. If you leave the dorsal hump behind, it will only look like a partial rhinoplasty, and may be unbalanced. For more information of a dorsal hump removal with closed rhinoplasty, please see the video and the link below

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