Is Alma soprano xl SHR worth it?

Hi. I am a 33 years old Middle Eastern man and considering 6 laser hair removal treatments with soprano xl SHR on my upper body. Assuming that the technician is good enough, and I am a good candidate, is soprano an effective one? Does it worth the time and money? The technician says after 6 treatments I should expect 10-20% fine hair. Is this reduction permanent with soprano? What should I expect after one or two years?

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Alma Soprano XL

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The Alma Soprano XL is a diode laser system with appropriate fluence (power), ok spot size (10x12 mm), and fairly good cooling system.  In appropriate hands it should be able to effectively target your hair.  Keep in mind that there is no single best laser system, but characteristics of a good laser hair removal office and laser are as follows for Middle Eastern hair removal:

-Experience treating Middle Eastern Skin- Staff must be knowledgable about Middle Eastern Skin and understand how to treat it.  If the fluence is too low, more hair can result (hypertrichosis) rather than hair loss

-Proper wavelength- Diode and Nd:YAG are the two best lasers for Middle Eastern hair removal.  In my office, we prefer the diode as it requires less sessions and tends to be more effective in targeting and treating hair (more hair removed per session)

-Appropriate cooling- All laser systems need cooling to provide safety and comfort.  Uncomfortable laser hair removal tends to result in lower laser hair settings and can cause actual more hair to occur rather than less hair.

Hope that is helpful.

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