3 week breast reduction oozing, extremely sore and more

I took a nap on my right side, I woke up and my right breast was very sore. A small section of my incision around my nipple split and started oozing puss, 2 days later it's slowly gotten worse. My breast is extremely sore and more sections of the incision around my nipple and down towards the bottom of my breast have started oozing, other symptoms include a horrible smell coming from the area, head aches, nautilus, redness and extremely sore/painful What's going on?

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Oozing from breast after breast reduction

Thank you for your question but this not a question that can be answered in this forum but you sound like you have an infection and you need to see your surgeon as soon as possible.  I would encourage you not to delay on this because the sooner you get the attention you need the sooner you can begin to heal.

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