2 years after my breast implants. Big changes. 425cc gel under muscle (Photo)

When I got my implants I was 110lbs. Now I am 145lbs.when I wear bras I have to tighten the strap so much in order to pull them up that it hurts my shoulders. I have started going back to the gym and getting my figure back. My ps told me my breast are naturally placed low so they will always look low. Is there a diff type of implant I should get to compensate? I want to be Able to not wear a bra and they Still sit perky that was ulamitly my Goal. I just don't like how they fall with out a bra.

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With changes with aging and weight gains

take one step at a time... if you know you can lose weight, do so and get down to your weight you can easily maintain.  Then and only then can your breasts be objectively evaluated for what will be needed to achieve your goals.  I would anticipate that you will need a lift at this point but its not guaranteed.  If the weight of your breast continue to be a problem, you have have to consider removing your implants as well.  So lose your weight first and get checked when you're at your stable weight.

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