Why is my nose keep swelling? Usually goes away in 2-3 days. (photo)

I am currently 9 1/2 months post op rhinoplasty and my nose keeps swelling out of no where. This has happened maximum 10 times. I have asked my plastic surgeon what the cause may be and he had no idea. It starts off itching (very little) and soon as I know it, it's swollen. This has happened ever since I got a rhinoplasty. And this happens in two different places on my nose. Most of the time on the top left side of my nose (picture above). And 3 times on the right side of my nose (middle).

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Recurrent swelling many months after rhinoplasty

Everyone swells after rhinoplasty. Also the swelling comes and goes for the first little while. Most people notice their nose is swollen when they wake up after a night's sleep. This can go on for weeks to months and is perfectly normal. Exercise, salty meals, alcohol and hot weather are other things know to cause temporary increase in the swelling. "Spontaneous' swelling also happens in a few people. That is to say there's no apparent cause identified. Around a year after rhinoplasty this would start to become a concern as the very rare patient will continue to have these episodes for years. I have one patient in my practice who continues to have recurrent swelling, fortunately now infrequently (every 2-4 months) and not for a long time (matter of hours)  5 years after his surgery.

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Nose swelling after rhinoplasty

The swelling is certainly unusual so many months out of surgery. The details of your surgery might give me more information as to what may be causing this. One reason a nose can swell months to years after surgery is if there were implants or grafting material placed that is foreign to your body. The itching sensation certainly points to a possible allergic reaction but these are all guesses. Try an antihistamine and see if this improves the situation. Then, perhaps it is as simple as an allergic reaction that is causing swelling on the nose. 

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