Vampire Fat Graft (PRP Mixed with the Fat Graft) to Face and Breasts??

i lost 12 kilos of my weight and that made me lose my cheecks and both are sagging and lack the youthful look..i hate the idea of synthetic substance in the same time known that a fat graft doesnt last long..but heared somone talking about the platelets rich plasma mixed with the fat graft that extends the longivity if the graft called that the vampire fat that real..?? and is there any complications of injecting them to face and breasts? nb. i intend to naturally lactate

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To be quite frank, the answer on the efficacy on the platelet rich plasma is not complete. We have used it in our practice but honestly do not have the data yet to say whether it does in fact claim what it says it does. The theroy behind it seems to make sense, but that doesn't necessarily mean it works.

We are striving to get more concrete results for this. The upside is, that it certainly does not seem to hurt. That is: fat grafting doesn't suffer because of it. So if you don't mind the additional cost, you might want to go for it.

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