Could a Valve Close After a Septorhinoplasty? I Am 6 Months Post Op, is It Fixed at the Clinic?

I had my septorhinoplasty 6 months ago, my nose gets blocked all the time but it feels better when I lay back slightly with my head leaning back, my right nostril is still closed, it feels like smthn is blocking the airway up my nose, the plastic surgeon said that my valve went down a little after surgery, is this normal? this was the nostril that was wide open before the surgery, is this fixed at the clinic? do I need to consult with an ENT?

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Difficulty breathing after Rhinoplasty

10% of patients experience difficulty breathing for up to a year after their nose surgery. I would consider humidification, and possibly a nasal steroid to help with any swelling in the membranes. Once you reach the year mark then you will be able to evaluate the results inside and out and determine if any additional procedures are required.

 The plastic surgeon should be able to address the valve issue, if they seem uncomfortable, seek out a facial plastic or ENT surgeon.

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