How Long Should I Expect Dropping to Take Place? (photo)

I had my BA August 9th. This Friday will be 5 weeks. I have Natrelle 475cc in left and 450cc in right. My left breast isn't dropping like my right. My left naturally sat up a bit higher, that is why my PS put a larger size in left. And I can feel the implant when I touch my left. It kind of feels like air bubbles, really difficult to describe. I think I can also feel the bag. I'm kinda scared about feeling my implant.

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When should I expect my implants to drop

I agree that there is some asymmetry, do you have a pre-operative photo to compare? Every patient is different so implants can take anywhere from 3-6 months to settle.  Try to give it some time but talk to your surgeon about aggressive massaging and wearing a breast band to help push your left one down.  Feeling the bag toward the bottom of your breast is normal especially if you didn't have much of your own breast tissue to start off with.  Definitely follow up with your surgeon to discuss your concerns. ac

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Breasts not falling

Since You are only 5 weesk I would wear a breast starp and do daily massage to see if you can get it to settle.This would be the most conservative.

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Have my Implants dropped at 5 weeks?

I would recommend aggressive massage and close observation by your plastic surgeon.   If you start developing increased hardness and pain in this breast, I would worry about early capsular contracture.  

If you do not have these symptoms, I would recommend aggressive massage for 3 months and pushdown band.    If no improvement, then you and your surgeon may desire to discuss a small revision procedure.

I wish you a safe and healthy recovery

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Breast Implants

In most cases, implants will continue to drop and skin will stretch for 6 months.  I like my patients to have dropped to the ideal position within 6 weeks.  I use massage protocols and bandeaus to achieve this.  Your plastic surgeon is the best person to discuss your specific case with.

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You are still early after surgery. I don't think breast implants really find their home for about 6 months. I agree that their is an asymmetry which was probably there before.Speak to your surgeon about massage techniques to move the implant

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