Will having bladder leakage problems affect a future phalloplasty procedure?

I'm female to male transgender and I'm interested in one day having bottom surgery. While currently pre-op I have a minor bladder leakage issue. I don't completely wet myself but I do tinkle throughout the day even without pressure from sneezing/coughing and have to wear underwear liners 24/7. Will this cause problems with urinating/holding pee in if I get a phalloplasty?

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Thank you for your question.  Urinary leakage can result in skin breakdown after a neophalloplasty, but the risks increase with the volume of urine.  However, if the wetness can be controlled from getting onto the operative site, then this would reduce that risk.  The urinary incontinence prior to surgery should be considered. There are different techniques for neophalloplasty.  One technique involves creating the penis from forearm skin, which can be disfiguring. The other technique uses abdominal skin, which typical leaves one with a more appealing abdominal scar, is less invasive, and the cost is typically much less.  

The abdominal skin technique is the one offered at our practice.  I was personally trained on this technique of neophallus creation by the creator of this technique.  The new penis would not have a urethra and would not be able to obtain an erection without the insertion of an artificial device, if one chooses.  Prior to surgery, all patients require evaluation by an appropriate psychologist and receive the appropriate counseling. 

I wish you the best of luck.    

Jeffrey S. Palmer, MD, FACS, FAAP (Cosmetic Urologist - Cleveland, Ohio)

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