How to get rid of scar on forehead? (photo)

I've had this scar since I was a child. Is there any surgical ways I can get rid of it?

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Linelike Scar On Forehead Can Respond To Subcision Followed By Medical Microneedling

I just treated a patient earlier today with an indented (depressed, atrophic) traumatic scar just like this one located on the side of the mouth. The scar had been present for about a decade. I opted to free up the scar using subcision and then injected a small amount of Radiesse combined with Perlane L (both biostimulatory agents) to further raise the scar up flush with the surrounding normal skin and to enhance new, native collagen synthesis. In my opinion radiofrequency and fraxel treatments are unlikely to be of much value. Subcision is a quick, easy and inexpensive method for improving these kinds of scars.

If desired, medical microneedle therapy can be used to further improve the tone and texture of the scar once it is raised to the surface via subcision. For more information on both of these techniques, I suggest checking out the archives of Be sure to seek consultation and treatment by a board certified core aesthetic physician with expertise and experience in all forms of scar treatment.

New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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Scar on face

The photo of the scar is difficult to see the depth.  In that location on your forehead it can be difficult to treat.  Surgery is not an option as it will leave you a larger scar.  The best options are non-invasive such as eMatrix or Fraxel Dual.  Both of these lasers have minimal down time and can slowly improve the appearance of the scar.  Please consult a board certified dermatologist with a great deal of experience with scar treatments.

Michele S. Green, MD
New York Dermatologist
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Scar on forehead

 A scar is permanent. Sometimes lasers or dermabrasion can be used to soften the edges a bit to blend it in with the surrounding skin.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Dermabrasion and Resurfacing laser

Scar revisions on the forehead can be tricky. The frontalis muscle is a large muscle on the forehead which is very active. Skin movement casued by this muscle tends to pull on sutures placed on he skin and stretch forehead scars. You should try an fractionated ablative resurfacing laser first. If the results are minimal, you may also try dermabrasion. 

Hooman Khorasani, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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Scar reduction

Hi, you would be much better off in my opinion treating this in a non-invasive fashion to reduce the scar with laser resurfacing rather than a surgical approach. I use both options and have found laser resufacing to give reliable improvement with minimal risk. 

Omar Ibrahimi, MD, PhD
Stamford Dermatologic Surgeon
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