Panniculectomy - Tummy Tuck later?

Is it advisable to have a panniculectomy so I can be more motile and to decrease back pain after weight loss? Once I get to my goal weight can I then contour using the tummy tuck? Is this too much? Will scar tissue be an issue? I started at 427 and have loss 100 pounds. Once I get to 250 I want the pannus gone. Its already causing too many issues. I carry the weight mainly in my abdomen

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Panniculectomy now?

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If you're very symptomatic with a large pannus, I think it's appropriate for you to consult with a surgeon now to see what your options are to get rid of the hanging pannnus. You will likely become more mobile and be able to lose additional weight after panniculectomy. Let's remember that panniculectomy is a surgery done to improve function and not necessarily to make you look better. If you go on to lose additional weight, you can always have additional procedures to improve the appearance of your body like a tummy tuck or body lift. Best, Dr. ALDO

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