Pain and Yellow Discharge After Vaginoplasty

At 4 weeks after Vaginoplasty surgery to tighten my vaginal muscles. I'm having a yellowish discharge and sharp pain from the stitched area. Is this normal?

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Vaginal discharge after vaginoplasty

Given the timing, it is very common to experience drainage at this point due to the sutures dissolving and nerves recovering. However, it could be the sign of an infectrion, ieither bacterial or fungal. These are more commonly associated with an odor. Dicuss this with your surgeon.

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Worth a visit to the doctor

While its not unusual to have a slight discharge following a vaginoplasty, the pain you are experiencing worries me. Checkig to be sure you don't have an infection should require just a quick visit. It will reassure you if there is no infection and save you unnecessary prolonged pain if you get on treated.

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