How to Know if my Vaginoplasty Worked Well

two weeks ago I did both liabiaplasty and posterior repair but till now iam in pain and i look terrible from the stitches and iam afraid that each side is different than the other and i have cramps and muscle pain all the time please tell me if my liabiaplasty will look natural again and how long it takes to heal.

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Labiaplasty vaginoplasty recovery

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The swelling from a labiaplasty should mostly be gone at 3 weeks. The outer stitches should have dissolved by then as well. Deeper internal stitches can take up to 3 months to dissolve.It is a llittle early to be excessively concerned. The pain should improve dramatically in the next couple of weeks. The most important advice that I can offer is to call your doctor and have him check on you to make sure that he thinks everything is going ok. Be patient and realize also that asymmetries can be corrected after everything heals.


Daniel Medalie, MD

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