What Results Do You Get from a Vaginoplasty?

I want to know exactly what results it gets. Are women more or less capable of achieving climax? Does it improve blood flow, or is it just cosmetic? But specifically what parts get adjusted and what's the final outcome?

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Exact Results after Vaginoplasty

Wow, that is a difficult request! It is difficult, if not impossible to give a prediction of EXACT results to anyone for any procedure.

That being said, most women that undergo vaginoplasty will experience a restoration of the tightness of their vaginal canal to that before childbirth. This performed with proper Kegel exercises will give the best results. 

New techniques involve lateral excision of the vaginal wall as the majority of sensation is located in front or in back, not on the sides... therefore minimizing the risk of loss or change in sensation. 

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A brief primer on vaginoplasty

A vaginoplasty can be performed using a variety of techniques. Technically this falls into either an anterior or posterior repair with the vast majority of surgeons performing the latter. Surgeons may use numerous different methods of removing the tissues which range from scissors, scalpel, radiofrequency, laser, etc. There is no absolute study which documents the superiority of one of these techniques over the other. Generally speaking the goal is to reduce the size of the vaginal canal to snugly admit 2 or 3 fingers on examination. Although it will typically increase the amount of friction during sexual intercourse, there are no guarantees as to climax or orgasm achieved through clitoral stimulation and/org g-spot stimulation. 

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