Giving Birth After Vaginoplasty

After having Vaginoplasty, how long must she wait before being ready to give birth? Can she deliver normally after having Vaginoplasty?

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Birth after Vaginoplasty

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Sex may safely be resumed, on average, six weeks after vaginoplasty. Vaginal childbirth will place extreme stress on the tissues repaired by vaginoplasty and cause the repairs to break down. Cesarean delivery would be preferable.

Vaginoplasty and Pregnancy

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Yes, in most cases a vaginoplasty will not affect later childbirth, but childbirth may affect a vaginoplasty which may or may not need to be redone for the same results. Do not have a vaginoplasty if you are planning on being pregnant in the near future as it doesn't make much sense

Childbirth after Vaginoplasty

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Dr. Nichter is absolutely correct! Vaginal rejuvenation or vaginoplasty should not interfere with childbirth, but childbirth will definitely change the results of your vaginal procedure. I recommend to my patients that they wait to have vaginoplasty until after they have finished having children.

Even with a cesarean, the downward force the body naturally produces can cause some relaxation of the vaginal canal and negatively impact your surgical results. My advice - if you're still planning on having more children, wait to have the vaginoplasty until you're finished. Cheers! 

Vaginoplasty and pregnancy or birth

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This is an unusual question. Typically patients undergo elective vaginoplasty after completion of childbirth. Rarely does someone need a vaginoplasty for reconstructive purposes but it is an unintended consequence of rectocoele or cystocoele repairs.

So, to answer your question, don't have a vaginoplasty, if you are planning on childbirth in the near future.

If, you have become pregnant after vaginoplasty, then proceed with the pregnancy. IT may need to be repaired after the pregnancy

I hope that answers your question.

In regards to your comment below, it will last as long as you don't have another child or other cause for vaginal laxity.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Not sure how you can delay child birth

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If you mean delaying pregnancy, It does not matter. You wil need another repair after child birth. The reason for the repair is to repair torn muscle and this will happen again if it happened before.

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
New Orleans Plastic Surgeon
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