Will Vaginoplasty Give Me the Results I Want?

After childbirth 3 years ago, my body has not returned to it's pre-pregnancy state. I have tried Kegals, Ben Waa balls, and nothing is helping my tightness. Before childbirth, I was a very tight 2 finger-width. After having my daughter, I am now 5. My hymen was completely torn, and I have tissue hanging from the bottom of my vaginal opening. There's so much research and information on labioplasty but not nearly as much information on vaginoplasty. How do I even begin to research to find a good surgeon?

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Vaginoplasty success after vaginal delivery

Unfortunately, you were not able to find much information on vaginoplasty. However, the information and research does exist.  In fact, I was involved in a nation-wide research project almost 4 years ago now that showed that nearly 90% (86.6% to be exact) of women undergoing vaginoplasty experienced "marked improvement"  in sexual function afterward.  I am a firm believer in the power of this procedure to change not only the sexual experience but thus also the sheer lives of women!  Glad to help... @drryanstanton

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Restoring and Rejuvenating with Female Genital Enhancement

I perform a variety of treatments and surgeries to enhance, restore and rejuvenate the female genital region. This includes procedures to improve moisture, sensitivity and tighten the vaginal canal; which can enhance orgasm and restore or improve the appearance of the vulva. This includes the labia minora, labia majora, the clitoral region and the vestibule of the vagina.
A vaginoplasty (commonly referred ton as vaginal rejuvenation) is when a diamond shaped section of tissue is excised from the inside of the vagina and brought down to the outside of the vagina.
Often times a small triangular area is also excised from the perineum (the area right below the vaginal opening). This is called a perineoplasty or perineorrhaphy. The size of the tissues removed rarely are larger than a domino block. If needed, sutures that bundle loose muscles together are used to narrow the vaginal opening.
If necessary, this may be combined with a #Labiaplasty which is a surgical procedure that will reduce and/or reshape the #labia. Labia minora are the inner lips of the vagina that cover the female clitoris and vaginal opening. Women with excessively large labia may experience pain during sexual relations, feel discomfort during normal activities or while wearing tight clothing. Or, the labia may be asymmetric or may #hang below the labia majora (the outer lips of the vagina) which some women find this unattractive. At times the outer labia or labia majora may also be excessively large, uneven, or may be too small. The size may be increased with fat injections.
Candidates for treatment include women concerned about the appearance of their genitals, those who experience discomfort, pain or difficulty with sexual relations.The specific problems are noted below in each section. These problems may exist at birth or with growth and development. They can occur with childbirth or other trauma to the region. All of these issues can cause a woman great emotional distress that is often difficult to talk about with their partner, friends and even their doctor.

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Will Vaginoplasty Give Me the Results I Want?

It sound like you would be a perfect candidate for a vaginoplasty.  A vaginoplasty will tighten the vaginal opening and vaginal canal.  Also, the loose tissue hanging out can also be removed.

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