Vaginal Tightening Surgery. Clitoris is Too Tiny?

I had a vaginal tighterning to fix loose nerves after 3 childbiths but the doctor that specializes in this proceedur also did something on the outer, according to him he could not do the inner without the outer to make it succeful (believing that was a lie now). My clitoris is so tiny now and I can barely feel the englarged vien that I once had to help me better orgasim when I had an extra large one prior. What was he thinking... (more money perhaps) I have to go through great extremes. 

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Clitoral sensory changes after vaginal surgery?

It's unclear from the description exactly what type of procedure was done. Sometimes the skin of the clitoris (the hood) can get pulled in different directions which affect the way sensations are perceived. Scar tissue or overaggressive surgery can result in undesirable changes. A thorough examination is necessary to determine the exact source of the problem.

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Vaginal Rejuvination Complication???

If you are not getting a satisfactory answer from your operating surgeon then I suggest seeking a second opinion consultation with another surgeon who specializes in these procedures.  Best of Luck...RAS

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