Vaginal Rejuvenation for Non-Mother?

Will vaginoplasty or laser vaginal rejuvenation restore a vagina to "just after your first time having sex" conditions? How long will the results last? I am 27 and haver been having sex since I was 18. The first 2 years of having sex , I was incredibly tight. After the third year it began to change down there and it is not "loose" by any means, but it went from a one finger fit, to now being able to get 2 1/2 fingers in! Yikes!

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Candidate for a labiaplasty?

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There is a trend to have less prominent labia, but this is a matter of choice and there are no medical reasons to do so other than improving your appearance down there. Candidates for a Labiaplasty procedure are women who are concerned about the appearance of their labia or experience discomfort due to exceptionally large or long labia of either the inner our outer lips. Labia unevenness can result in discomfort with intimate contact, chronic rubbing, as well as psychological discomfort, which leads to the inability to wear certain types of tight clothing. Most women live with these symptoms, and actually are not even aware that a certain surgical procedure exists to help to correct this problem and restore their femininity.

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Vagnioplasty for non mother

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You have experienced natural stretching of the vagina and should not get a vaginoplasty (especially if you are considering children in the future). You can try exercises called Kegel exercises. Kegel exercises are muscle-strengthening maneuvers aimed at strengthening the muscles supporting the rectum and vagina. The vaginoplasty is best for women who have had vaginal delivery with or without epesiotomy.



Daniel A. Medalie, MD

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