Please Help ! Inervous and Worried ! Veneer Broke Can I Still Get a Crown ? (photo)

Hello, My veneer broke off a and under the tooth the sides are dark brown and some black, This photo is taken using a microscope camera so its super zoomed in...The tooth feels smooth in the back TOP and the rest feels scaly. I am sick with worry and concerned about your replies. I would please like to know if I can get a crown now instead of a veneer ? thanks so much for your help!

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Treatment For Broken Veneer

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It looks to me from the picture that this tooth has a considerable amount of decay and that once the cavity is removed there will not be a great deal of sound tooth structure left.  In addition, this tooth appears to be a canine which takes a considerable amount of force when you chew. My guess is that you could have a buildup and new crown placed, but that it may fracture after a few years.  If this happened you would be forced to place a dental implant.  Good luck.  

Can Tooth That Had Veneer Break be Restored?

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From the picture you posted it looks like there is adequate tooth structure to be restored. It is hard to tell from the picture but the discolored area looks like you may have decay present which will be removed to prepare the tooth for a new restoration.  Depending on the extent of the decay the tooth may need a buildup to support a new crown.  The health of the nerve will need to be evaluated as well prior to seating a new crown.

Broken Veneer

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There is much more going on than a broken veneer.  aradiograph would be needed to know the extent of the decay.  The toth can probably be reconstructed with a build up and a crown but could likely need a root canal and a post.

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