I Had V-Y Upper Lip Advancement with Some Lip Lengthening, Need to Know How Much Relapse Will Be There?

i had V-Y upper lip advancement with some lip lengthening,i look my lip now and i feel its long(the white part) more than i want,swelling is also there,need to know how much relapse will be there???is it goin to be liitle short in some time?? V-Y lip advancement,lip surgery,lip lenghtening

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Relapse of Upper Lip Lengthening

In most cases, one can expect that the relapse of upper lip lengthening is around 50% in my experience. This will occur over the first month after surgery as the swelling subsides and the scar contracture occurs. If a vestibuloplasty was not done with the lip lengthening the amount of rebound lip shortening will likely be greater.

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