Is the V/y Lip Enlargement a Good Solution when Wanting a "Wider" Upper Lip.

I would like a wider upper lip and have tried fat injections and temporary fillers which I have not been satisfied with in the long term, and fat grafts I am under the impression gives mostly more volume? Are the risks with v/y large: lip becoming uneven, scarring, difficulty speaking and smiling and over all looking unatural and flat? Best regards Helena

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V to Y flap won't widen the lips or mouth.

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 I have performed numerous Y to Y advancement flaps, in the lips, to improve the shape of the lips.  This should be used, IMHO, to increase the size of the red section of the lip(s).  Alloderm lip implant material is the gold standard for lip augmentation for fullness.  There are no procedures that will increase the width, side to side of the mouth or lips.

 FYI, V to Y advancement flaps are very technically difficult to get symmetric and yes there are scars and swelling for several weeks, so be sure that this is the proper lip technique and IMHO, it should not be used for lip there are much less invasive and more effective methods of plumping the lips.

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