Can the V-Beam Laser Be Used on Lower Eyelids?

I would like to know If the v-beam laser can be safely used to reduce redness on the eyelids caused by fraxel restore(5 months ago to treat eye circles).It seems like most of the docs agree that pdl can be used around the eyes using intra-ocular eyeshields, but i was also told once that this can't be done because it can cause eye damage and that pdl is to aggressive for the eyelids. So, who's right? How would you treat redness on the eyelids? Was also suggested to try ipl, but would prefer pdl.

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Lasers can be used around the eyes carefully

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Yes, the VBeam can be used around the eyes and intraocular eye shields will need to be used. 
Patients will need to be coached to avoid moving or flinching during treatment.
I will also get the patient too look down when working on the upper lid and vice versa.

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