Any suggestions for V-beam laser?

The Dr. did V-beam laser for redness on my face a little over a week ago, and now where he did it seems blotchy and when I look in the magnifying mirror I can see many red veins where before I didn't have them. Will these go away on their own or is this now a new problem?

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VBeam and additional treatments

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The VBeam works very well for facial veins. Give it a couple of weeks. You may require a second treatment if it does not improve. 

Boston Facial Plastic Surgeon

V-Beams and Redness

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V-Beam is the gold standard for treating redness and I have not seen new veins develop from this laser.  I would ask your physician about Mirvaso since this cream may help with the blotchy redness that you are describing. Best, Dr. Green

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