Nodular BCC rim of nose. (photo)

This is the 5th nodular BCC, in the past they have been removed successfully by cryosurgery, excision, curette and MOHS. Do you think that using Aldara cream or cryosurgery would help to shrink the tumour before surgery? There is at least a years waiting list on the NHS and it would cost £5000 to have done privately. I am paranoid that the tumour will grow and I will have to have more extensive surgery. Thank you.

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Nodular BCC

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£5000 seems a bit excessive. Perhaps try and see if there are other options for Mohs'

This is nodular BCC which means it is very well circumscribed and would just need an excision with loupe magnification for complete cure. There are also non-surgical treatments but less effective for this kind of BCC.

Tricky area, I grant you, but as you say, it is small so better have it done now than later.

Try and see a Dermatologist privately if you want to explore the nonsurgical options

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