Is there a way to lighten or even out my skin tone?

I don't like skin I have, partially because of farmer's tan and stretch marks on my stomach (and I don't even have kids). Stretch marks aside, is there any way, taking risks into account, to lighten or at least even out the skin on my entire body? I'm already somewhat fair, but I want to be paler or at least enough so that it appears ghost white in certain lighting without blotching out my nose. I want a doctor's advice before trying anything.

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Is there a way to lighten or even out my skin tone?

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Thanks for your query. Yes there are ways to lighten and even out skin tone like chemical peels, topical formulations, lasers like q switched NDYAG . They can be planned out in combination by your dermatologist. Stretch marks can also be taken care of by co2 fractional laser. You can send in your picture for better consult. Hope it helps.

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