Crown lengthening, Should I do it? (photos)

I have four veneer composites for my front teeth for years (I used to have some gaps between my front teeth) now my dentist has offered me to do the crown lenghtening. He believes it can make much difference in my face and smile! Do you think I am a suitable candidate for this? Do I have to renew my veneers? When is going to be the earliest time I can work on my veneers after the procedure? (I decided not to go for porcelain veneers as I am a very conservative person and I am 26!) Thank you.

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Wait to redo veneers

if they perform crown lengthening, i suggest you should re do the veneers at least 1 month after, so the healing comes properly, this way they would look more even and natural, hope this helps.

Crown Lengthening to improve smile

There is little question that well done crown lengthening will improve your smile.  The is a lack of symetry between you front teeth at the gingiva.
The best time to crown lengthen is before veneers are placed.  Doing crown lengthening after will expose veneer margin (where tooth meets veneer)

Ira Shapira, DDS
Chicago Dentist
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