I had a pimple on my chin so i popped it. (photo)

Then it scabbed over and yesterday the scab just fell off and left this! what is it?

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​A pimple that was popped that is left a mark after acne.

A pimple that was popped that is left a mark after acne. Well after you pop a acne pimple and it heals over there's going to be some reactions in the skin including scarring, hyperpigmentation, inflammation to heal the area. So what you're observing right now is some inflammatory, hyperpigmentation changes as well as some redness of the surrounding area.  This should eventually get better after the inflammation dies down and the swelling goes down. You may be left with some scarring and currently at this point the best thing to do would be probably to treat the current situation and you could do this with skin care and sometimes even steroid injections can help but I would have someone look at it directly.

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Don't pop!

Thanks for your question. From the photo, that looks like a scar. It is best to never pick or pop pimples; the more that you irritate it, the likelier chance of it turning into a fussy scar. I recommend that you visit a board certified dermatologist to discuss potential treatment of the scar as well as treating acne, if that’s the case. For now, remember not to pick and apply sunscreen to avoid further damage. Hope this helps!

Bruce E. Katz, MD
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