How Does Uthera Differ from E Prime?

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Profound vs Ulthera

Thank you for your question.  I really enjoy using both technologies in my practice as standalone procedures or in combination with one another.  Both help to stimulate new collagen where the energy is delivered.  Here are some common questions I receive is:

1)  Which one is better? Profound delivers energy at the deepest portion of the skin and allows for the creation of collagen and elastin.  Ulthera can also deliver energy at this depth but the energy is not as intense as Profound.  So I believe a stronger response can be seen when comparing Profound vs Ulthera at the 1.5mm depth.   However, Ulthera goes deeper and provides energy at the 3.0mm and 4.5mm depth which helps to target different layers which allows for a more collagen production in the muscular layer and fibroseptal layers of the facial tissue.  Thus the best result is when you combine Profound and Ulthera together.  

An added twist is that Profound has a deeper transducer that can help to break down some of the fatty tissue so is great in areas such as the double chin.  This combination of Ulthera and Profound allows for a highly customized treatment plan.  In our practice this it is common to combine these modalities (and even add on microneedling or laser resurfacing to help with the surface of the skin).

2)  How often do I have to do the procedure? When you do a procedure that creates a net balance of collagen or elastin, the effects can be long lasting.  However, you can build on your treatment results and continue to build more and more collagen support for the aging face.  For someone on an aggressive schedule, one might do this annually and add-on smaller Ulthera retreatments for small areas such as peri-oral regions or the forehead every few months. 

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How Does Ulthera Differ from Profound/E Prime?

Ulthera and Profound are different but complimentary cutaneous/subcutaneous rejuventative procedures. In other words, they both work extremely well when used in the correct clinical situation. 

Ulthera has 3.0mm and 4.5mm(deeper) transducers and Profound has dermal and subcutaneous applicators.

In my opinion, Ulthera is better at lifting whereas Profound is better at reconditioning, including in areas where active muscle contraction creates wrinkles.

Some patients may benefit from a synergistic approach, combining the benefits of both technologies.

I look forward to my side by side Ulthera versus Profound body area study to help address these issues more completely. This is set to commence shortly.

Thus far my patients have been very pleased with forehead, crow's feet, neck, abdomen, thigh and arm Profound; downtime has been mostly in the 2-4 day range and more swelling than bruising.

I routinely use Ultherapy in one area and Profound in another depending on the issues and patient's characteristics

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How Does Uthera Differ from E Prime?

The E Prime system was relaunched as "Profound" last year.We have tremendous experience with both Ulthera and Profound. Ulthera is the easier recovery and there are no skin changes or visible evidence of treatment afterwards. Profound is more aggressive and the recovery is equally more significant (but not like having surgery at all). Profound is a new device that utilizes Micro-Needles paired with bipolar radio frequency energy (MN-RF). Profound is an exceptionally effective new system that has no peer. The options for "non-surgical face lift" are improving all the time. When we became one of the first 25 USA Ultherapy practices in 2010, we knew that things were changing. Now we also have amazing options in Micro-needle Radiofrequency (MN-RF) treatment platforms. I have been consulting with numerous manufacturers and helped get the Vivace MN-RF platform its' FDA-510K approval. Viviane is a low to moderate energy system that improves facial aging with minimal downtime. More recently, we have similarly helped with the Profound MN-RF system by Syneron-Candela and we are very impressed. Profound has 5mm depth micro needles that are insulated in the shaft to protect skin and have temperature probes at the needle tips that allow us to raise dermis tissue temperatures to the absolute optimal "sweet spot" of 67-68 Celsius (the perfect temperature for collagen and elastin growth as well as Hyaluronic acid deposition), thus ensuring precise facial rejuvenation and even volume restoration (like when we inject fillers) by new tissue growth. Profound is a game changer that requires local anesthesia and 3-7 days of facial recovery. We have been pairing these systems with fillers, Botox, and professional skin care to achieve optimal non-surgical face lifting. Lastly, Profound is also effective for stretch mark removal, scar revision, and body rejuvenation.

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Ultherapy ebook vesus E Prime

E Prime uses RF energy.

The benefit of Ultherapy is that it uses focused ultrasound energy and uses B mode ultrasound to focus that energy in particular depths. No other energy source has this technology. 

Read the Ultherapy ebook. 

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Ultherapy for face lifting and collagen production vs. E-Prime for facial dermal collagen production

Ultherapy from Ulthera,  is a deep focused ultrasound energy that is FDA cleared for facial lifting. There are no needles required, and there is minimal if any down time.

  E-Prime, from Candela - Syneron, is a bipolar radiofrequency systems that delivers energy via electrode needles into the deep dermis heating the tissues. It's indications appear to be increasing the dermal collagen.  Data will need to be collected over the years to see if both these devices can produce similar results.

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Ulthera vs E prime skin rejuvenation

Ulthera is an FDA-cleared devide for non-invasive skin lifting using highly focused ultrasound. E prime is  newer technology but uses radiofrequency energy, which is what has been used inThermage for several years. One difference is that E prime is a minimally invasive procedure that uses an array of microneedles to deliver the energy under the skin. With Ulthera there is no downtime because it is noninvasive. Both work by stimulating collagen regeneration.

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