I have textured Sientra round implants, dual plane. Do textured implants drop?

Post op day 15 s/p textured Sientra round implants dual plane. Taped for 2 weeks but developed rash and removed. Snoopy deformity apparent. I've read conflicting reviews - do textured implants drop or will I have the snoopy deformity forever? I had a pseudo-ptosis prior. Thanks!

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Sientra Implants

Dear Lanky,
I am really sorry if you are having some issues.
You are asking if Sientra textured implants drop and are asking if they drop will they fill out the snoopy deformity.  These would be two separate things.  Your implants may be in good position, and they would not move postop, so don't do the bands and massage, since they are Sientra textured.  When you look at large studies, there are many, many advantages to textured implants in some situations.  Often we use the dual plane for the snoopy dog deformity which avoids all the cuts around the nipple.  So good job there.  Keep your surgeon in the loop!  I already know you are seeing a board certified plastic surgeon because Sientra only sells to BC plastic surgeons (by ABPS - The American Board of Plastic Surgery) who are members of ASAPS (The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) and or a member of ASPS (The American Society of Plastic Surgeons). So that is great! Analyze what you are bothered by exactly with your surgeon. Also Sientra is the only implant company who has a warrantee (C3 Program) if you develop a capsule after receiving their textured implants for primary augmentation. They have a special process which makes the texture. This implant shell is unavailable elsewhere.  You are so early, you probably have swelling which is normal.  So be patients.  I can't say much without photos, but I wish you all the best,  "Dr. Joe" 

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Sientra implants

In general Sientra textured implants do drop some, but not to the level of smooth. You will notice initially they are higher but they should drop over the next several weeks in to position. It is hard to evaluate without a pre-op photo. I would follow up with your doctor, and a breast band could be a possibility.

M. Bradley Calobrace, MD, FACS
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Breast augmentation with SIENTRA

A preop photo would be helpful to compare to a current photo.  Devices that are covered by muscle will appear higher due to the muscle and associated swelling.  It will take a few weeks to resolve.

Sientra Breast Implants

Seintra textured breast implants are designed to be placed in a pocket the same size as the implant so that they will Velcro to you.  That means that they will not move after they have been placed.  There will be swelling that will be noticeable above and at the sides of the implant and that may be causing the problem you are worried about.  Give the problem a few weeks and get back to your surgeon.  Hopefully it will settle and you will love your new breasts.I hope that helps.
Best regards.

Brian Windle, MD
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Delay any revision for 6 months...

Textured Sientra implants are designed to adhere to the soft tissue. For this reason, it’s unusual to see significant migration with these implants. Under these circumstances they might drop slightly, but probably not enough to impact a significant snoop dog deformity.
Without pre and post-operative pictures and a physical examination it’s virtually impossible to assess the magnitude of your snoopy deformity.It’s also difficult determining what treatment options will eventually be necessary.
In the short term, it’s important to realize that wound healing is a dynamic process and for this reason changes in the breasts are inevitable.As swelling resolves, skin loosens and muscles relax your snoopy deformity may improve.For this reason, decisions regarding revisional surgery should be delayed for at least six months.At that time the situation can be reassessed and an appropriate treatment plan designed.
In the interim, it’s important to maintain good communication with your plastic surgeon.If this deformity persists, your surgeon should be able to formulate a treatment plan that addresses your anatomic findings and achieves your aesthetic goals.

Richard J. Bruneteau, MD
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Textured implants are designed to NOT drop.

Properly-performed breast augmentation with textured breast implants will result in implants that do not drop much or at all--that is why the texture is designed and used--to adhere to tissues. Thus, placement is much more critical, since textured implants do tend to stay where they're put. You are right to be concerned that textured implants cannot be expected to drop over time, but your own tissues will change and swelling will diminish, all of which will cause (some) improvements in your appearance. Perhaps not enough to give you the desired or "perfect" result, but better.

Straps and massage are not appropriate for textured implants, since they are designed to adhere to tissues.

Frankly, I'm with Dr. Zubowicz--textured implants are rarely indicated, especially since the vast majority of breast augmentations are now below the muscle. You have a high likelihood of avoiding capsular contracture, but a high likelihood of your implants staying right where they were placed (unless the texture fails to adhere, in which case I hope you paid the same price as smooth round implants). Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

Richard H. Tholen, MD, FACS
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Do textured implants drop?

Generally speaking, textured implants stay where they are placed and do not drop with time.  That being said, you are only two weeks out from surgery and there is still swelling present.  You should visit your plastic surgeon and address your concerns.

Samir S. Rao, MD
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Sientra Implants

Due to the texturing of the Sientra implants that you have, they should drop or settle less than smooth implants. The texturing tends to grip your tissues a bit more which helps the implant to stay in place. Also the silicone gel is slightly more cohesive which also contributes to less of a drop factor. With this being said, all breast implants can drop to some degree secondary to their weight. If you would like them to settle more, your plastic surgeon may suggest wearing a strap or massaging the superior poles of your breasts to encourage them to drop more quickly. Good luck!

C. Andrew Salzberg, MD
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Textured Sientra implants should drop less than smooth implants.

Without photos or an evaluation, it is difficult to speculate and anticipate how much your implants should fall with time.  For your peace of mind, you should discuss this with your plastic surgeon.
Textured implants will drop during your recovery, as the tissues stretch and the surgical swelling resolves. Two weeks is too early to be concerned about breast final shapes and implant positions.  You may see ongoing improvement for months after your operation.
Wishing you a speedy recovery.
Best Regards,

Douglas J. Raskin, MD
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I have textured Sientra round implants, dual plane. Do textured implants drop?

At just 15 days post op it is still quite early in your recovery.  The final shape of your beast may change and I would not rush to judgement regarding your result.  Check back with your surgeon and let them know your concern.  But give it time, it may take 6 to 12 weeks to see the long term results.  Best wishes.

Vincent D. Lepore, MD
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