I want mandibular angle implants screwed to my jaw in Utah. What's a good place and what would be the approximate cost?

I KNOW I WANT silastic mandibular angles that are screwed to jaw to avoid shifting, no fillers, no medpor and they need to be able to do the procedure with screws because I don't want the risk of them shifting,I am sure of that. Please don't try to recommend me other options. Now since I am a student and paying this myself, Where is an "affordable" yet decent place to get this done? , and How much would that be (including Hospital, procedure, material, etc) THANK YOU SO MUCH

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Mandibular angle implants

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Your idea is valid. Especially with Silastic implants which are 'slippery' despite small edges designed to hold them in place. The key may be the shape and contour your surgeon chooses; with or without modification to suit your situation. Costs do vary; and another factor is the possibility of infection and replacement costs which should be discussed at the outset.

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