Tenting after Symmastia Repair

I'm considering going throe symmastia repair. The implant will be removed from over the muscle to the under muscle But I'm afraid the raised skin will not go back to be as normal, And the tenting will be still notice Is the skin can reattach to the sternum? Or will it forever be tenting when I put bras or lean forward?

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Symmastia Repair

Hello there
Usually the tenting disappears with the repair .So I wouldn't worry and just go ahead and get things fixed .Cheers  TS

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Tenting after symmastia repair

Thank you for your question. The tenting should be fixed after a symmastia repair. Your surgeon will most likely provide a special garment to provide compression to the area. Speak to the operating surgeon to discuss anticipated outcomes for your particular case. Best, 

Martin Jugenburg, MD
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