Follow-up Question - Symmastia explant, advice? (photos)

I had symmastia for the past 2 years Had 275 over the muscle Now I'm considering in the first stage to explant to restore the normal look and after 3-6-12 months put new implant under the muscle I most concern that tenting in the middle over the sternum wont go away I wish the skin will be like before Is it possible with only taking out the implant? Or there is a chance the skin will still be tenting and not flat? do I need remove also the capsule? And is safer to do 2 stage then 1 rivision?

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Correction of synmastia

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This can be accomplished in one stage.  The capsule should not be removed.  Rather it should be used to anchor the midline to the chest wall, and replacing with a more narrow implant.

Breast augmentation, Symmastia

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Displaced implant can be corrected.For symmastia there are many options for you. Correction can be done in one procedure or two separate procedures if that is what you wish.Areview of your pictures before surgery, taken by the plastic surgeon, and review of the size of implant position of the implant then examination. Then all options can be discussed with you and you decide

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Implant removal

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Hello and thank you for your question. I am sorry to hear about your surgical course thus far. Your best option would to remove the implant and place a new implant under the muscle. If there is an abnormal capsule this may need to be removed at the same time. The area of symmastia in the central portion will likely resolve.Best Wishes Theodore T. Nyame MD  Harvard Trained Plastic Surgeon

Theodore Nyame, MD
Charlotte Physician

Follow-up Question - Symmastia explant, advice?

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Thank you for your question and photographs and I am sorry to hear of your synmastia.  The conservative approach would be to explant your current implant and remove as much of the capsule as safely possible. Repair of your sternal tissues can be performed to help seal the synmastia as well as your remaining breast tissue.  In a second stage submuscular implants can be placed.  That said all of the procedures can be safely performed in a single stage as the synmastia repair can help with the tenting and placement of implants underneath the muscle will help prevent recurrence.  Hope this helps. 

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