2nd rhinoplasty after resorption of septal cartilage on nose bridge/tip. (photos)

I had a silicone implant put in the bridge and septal graft to lengthen and heighten the nosetip. It has been two years and I find that it is way too straight and the ratio height of bridge and tip is not what I desire. I was told in my first Rhino, they could only extend the nosetip as far as you can pull the nostrils out. Can I have more grafted to the top of nosetip to make it higher? First picture is now and second picture is photoshopped to show the height and curvature I desire.

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Rhinoplasty, desired outcome, dorsal augmentation, increasing tip projection

To make any comment regarding the desired contour of your nasal dorsum without the complete evaluation of frontal  and oblique photographs is very difficult.  The shape of the nose is about contour and proportions an specific recommendations for management cannot be made without a more thorough visual inspection.  Might it be possible to protect your tip further to create  the illusion of a greater supratip depression as you presented in the photographs?  Yes.  Is that the ideal way to address your concerns cannot be determined.  I suspect that reducing the height of the dorsal implant and increasing the projection of the tip would be the most ideal way to address your concerns and aand accomplish your desired outcome.

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