Natrelle style 15-304cc. Went from a 32c to a 32dd/ddd even a 34dd. Is that common with that implant size? (photos)

5'0 103lbs-28 in rib cage, 12 BWD. Had a BA and lift almost 5 months ago. Started a 32c and now a 32dd/ddd sometimes a 34dd. Measuring close to 36 inches around bust now. Is this possible w this size implant? Would love any feedback in regards to the result I currently have- ex:if it looks good, sitting to low- any feedback. Would a HP implant been a better choice? Also, in the opinion of the Dr's, would a larger implant in the future be a bad decision? Thanks Docs

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Results after breast augmentation/lifting surgery?

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Congratulations on having undergone the breast augmentation/listing procedure; based on all the information available, I think that your plastic surgeon has done a nice job for you and that you have a very nice outcome present. This operation is significantly more complex than breast augmentation surgery done alone.

 Any plastic surgeon who does a lot of breast surgery will tell you that referencing cup sizes during the preoperative communication process  or when evaluating the outcome of breast surgery is not worthwhile. There are simply too many variations in cup sizes depending on bra manufacturer and/or who does the measurements.  
 The use of a larger breast implant in the future  is not necessarily "a bad decision". However, additional support utilizing the capsules  around the breast implants (capsulorraphy) may be very helpful.
 My best suggestion: enjoy the outcome of the procedure performed for now and  evaluate the outcome of the procedure performed about one year. At that point decide whether or not additional surgery may be worth while. Best wishes

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