6 months since I had breast implants silicon 375 cc high profile, are my breast implants are beautifully placed? (photo)

I feel my nipples are raised and both breast in opposite directions.it can be my apprehensions.my incisions are more visible than I thought I m massaging and applying scar ointment prescribed my my PS Pls help me are my breast implants are beautifuy placed?

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Technical limitations of the IMF (chest wall) incision

Your perception that there are deficiencies in your breast shape are correct.There are significant technical limitation to the approach in the fold on the chest wall.  The most sophisticated approach to breast augmentation is through the armpit with a surgical camera (transaxillary endoscopic). Using this modern approach the space can be crafted under direct vision, with virtually no bleeding and no postoperative bruising. Most importantly, the shape of the breast is meticulously created. The other, older methods of insertion are technologically less advanced. Both silicone and saline implants can be placed through the armpit by a surgeon with skill and experience using this approach. The incision in the crease is the oldest method of placing the implants and puts a scar directly on the breast.  It results in less sophisticated implant placement and implant malposition.  The scar under the breast is of historical interest only.  It has no place in modern breast augmentation.

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Implant position

Your implants have been placed or have settled too low and the lower pocket will need adjustment to correct this

Bottomming Out

Thank you for your question and photos. Unfortunately it appears that your implants are sitting too low on the chest. You will need to see your Plastic Surgeon in person for exam and planning of correction.
All the best

Jerome Edelstein, MD
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Bottomed out

Your breast implants have bottomed out after your breast augmentation. Bottomed out results can be easily addressed with revision.  I would go and see your surgeon.Best Wishes,Nana Mizuguchi, MD

Nana N. Mizuguchi, MD, FACS
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Breast augmentation

it seems that your implants may have bottomed out and are too low.  It is difficult to tell from the photo, but that's how it appears.  Your scar is hypertrophic.  Massage and silicone sheeting can help.  See your PS to discuss these issues.

Michael Orseck, MD
Greenville Plastic Surgeon
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Implant position

Thank you for your question.By looking at your photos, it appears your implants have bottomed out. This means that the capsule that holds the implants up and in the correct position is not as tight as it should be. To correct this, the surgeon would remove the implants and use a permanent suture to repair the lower fold of the breast. I would suggest you contact your surgeon to discuss with them in person. Good luck.

Francis Johns, MD
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