Can my the measurements of my old retainer fix my teeth?

I wore braces for two years then took them off and wore a retainer. I stopped wearing it regularly and now I lost it for two weeks now. I've noticed change in my teeth. My dentist says he's going to take new caste but that means he'll take measurements of my moved teeth, which looks bad. I have the caste of my old retainer, can it fix my teeth if I use it for my new retainer?

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New retainer with current state of teeth will maintain them

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It is possible that your previous retainer will help move the teeth back closer to the condition they were in when you finished your treatment.  This is going to depend on how much they have moved, how your teeth started off, how the retainer fits, and the type of retainer.  Being able to make a retainer from it will also depend on whether there was any damage to the model as your original retainer was made.  It is probably a good idea to suggest this to your doctor to see if it is possible.  Good luck!

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