Will I lose a size converting benelli lift to lollipop?

Benelli lift looks terrible 7 months postop. Unsure where to go from here. Had my surgeon told me I would only achieve a 1-2 cm lift for the trade off of ruining my nipples I would have said no way! I was interested in filling deflated skin, my big nipples didn't bother me! I asked to be a D cup and ended up a G. Will converting to a lollipop incision lift make my breasts smaller? I'm unsure if I will need new implants. Also need to correct lateral displacement and areola issues.

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Speak to your plastic surgeon, it is best


Thanks for posting your question. I am happy to try and help you. Sorry to learn about your concerns.

The best advice that I can give you is that you should speak to your plastic surgeon. Online consultants are not the appropriate source of information for you; your plastic surgeon should be your resource when it comes to postoperative concerns.

This is important because every surgeon has different perspectives, the only one that should be important is the one that operated on you ;)

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Dr. Michael J. Brown
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It sounds like smaller implants and a standard lift are indicated

Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, it is a difficult one to answer without an evaluation or photograph.  However, if you are too large, smaller implants are indicated.  I agree that the Benelli lift can distort the areola and is rather 'unphysiologic' as it doesn't lift the nipple and areola much and it compresses the peak of the breast.  I don't think that a vertical or lollipop lift will achieve what you want.  Just doing a lollipop lift will not reduce your size. A standard lift tends to give a much better shape to the breasts with less distortion of the areola and will lift the breasts much more than the minimal lifts like the Benelli or lollipop. Good luck and make sure that you are seeing an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon.

James McMahan, MD
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Change Benelli Lift

Without photographs it's certainly hard to give sage advice in this regard. Generally speaking, conversion of a circle mastopexy to a vertical mastopexy does not require removal of much if any breast tissue. I do think though, in my opinion, smaller breast implants and overall smaller breast will allow for much greater durability of your lift. I would discuss these options with your plastic surgeon and come up with a plan that will give you  the breast that you want. Good luck.

Marc J. Salzman, MD, FACS
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