Cellulaze before or after lower bodylift?

I asked this before but my question was unclear: I have severe irregularities and loose skin from a combination of poor previous liposuction results and weight loss. Major concern is (1) the lower bodylift Doctor will not pay as close attention to the irregularities in the lipo work (particularly those ares that require micro lipo) and will take for granted the lift will correct the irregularities. If I do cellulaze after will it make my skin looser and compromise the body lift?

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Cellulaze & Extra Skin

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Thank you for your question,

Cellulaze is a great non-surgical treatment option for those who wish to eliminate cellulite. To answer your question, Cellulaze will not loosen your skin; in fact, it will tighten it. You could definitely receive Cellulaze treatments after your lower body lift to improve the appearance of cellulite. Always remember to consult with a certified physician when planning any type of aesthetic procedure!

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Cellulaze will NOT make your skin looser

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Cellulaze will tighten your skin a little bit and should not make it looser. you can do it after your lower body lift - though i would wait 3-6 months after the lower body lift.

Cellulaze is helpful but it is important to realize that it will help improve the cellulite but it will not make it perfect. also remember that  you will continue to improve for at least 6 months after the Cellulaze treatment so you need to be patient.

david berman md

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