Can buccal fat removal help remove fat on jowls?

10 years ago I had fat transfer on my cheeks but the doctor incorrectly put fat in my lower jaw area in my left cheek.It seems all the fat has accumulated in my jowls.Now I have smaller upper cheeks & chubby jowls ,hard to have a full smile as fat is too much in jowls. Its giving my face square look.I tried some fat dissolving injections but they made it worse, due to it have accumulation of some liquid in my jowls making them look much fatter.Can buccal fat removal help remove fat on the jowls.

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Contouring of the facial fat deposits

Based on your description it appears that removal and sculpting  of jowls may help. This is done with a small cannula in local anesthesia and very conservatively! You will need a true expert to give you  satisfactory result. Jowls shaping with liposuction cannula is much more predictable than fat dissolving injections. You should seek a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon with good reputation in facial rejuvenation surgery. Good luck. 

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