Truth about root canal? Should I opt for dental implants instead?

What's the truth? Is root canal dangerous to the health in the long run or opt for dental implants instead?

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Root canal or implant

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a root canal done a by specialist , will be a great solution, and you will preserve the tooth , and the bone around , its made with organic materials, as gutta-percha, and there should be no problem for your body to accept it, and can be along life term solution, 
but in case you do not want to put money to a dead tooth, because technically its what you will have a dead tooth, then go for an implant, and you will have great layout.

Truth about Root Canal Treatment:

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There is a lot of misinformation on the internet.  An infected tooth needs either a root canal or extraction.  Root canal therapy is 90-95% successful.

Extracting teeth removes the tooth completely but kills thousands of brain cells, can cause dry sockets damage to other teeth etc.  Bone grafting may be needed for an implant and success rates are 90-95% for implants.

Teeth exhibit physiologic movement in function implants function like an ankylosed tooth .

There are advantages and disadvantages to all treatments.  I suggest finding a dentist you trust and preceding from there.

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