Swelling After TT 7 Weeks? (photo)

PO 7 weeks. Is this swelling? I was in bed my first 5 weeks bc I was in pain. At 6 weeks I have started walking 2 miles and went back to work. I thought by 6 weeks the swelling for most part would be gone. Does this look like normal swelling from am to pm? I eat under 1,000 cal/day and drink Atleast 96 ounces water a day. I feel fat and a blog again. What can I do to reduce swelling if it is swelling? Is it welling because i didnt move for so long and started to again? Thank you very much.

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Swelling after Tummy Tuck...

Thank you for your question and pictures.  Abdominal swelling can be normal post Tummy tuck up to 6 months. Every patient is different. To help reduce swelling,  I usually recommend my patients wear compression garment for 6-8wks after their tummy tuck.  The more active you are the more likely swelling may occur.  There is the possibility that you have fluid accumulating in the abdomen.   I would recommend seeing your surgeon for an exam to determine if this is normal swelling or if you have a fluid accumulation that would need to be aspirated. Best of luck to you.

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Swelling After TT 7 Weeks?

Thank you for your question.

Most patients will have swelling after a tummy tuck for at least 3 months.  At this point most but not of the swelling will have resolved.  The last bit of swelling usually takes another 3 - 6 months. Most patients feel there is less swelling in the morning and more as the day goes on especially in patients who are more active during the day.  I encourage patients to wear some type of compression for the first 6 weeks at least.  Many patients choose to wear it for longer until they feel the swelling has resolved completely. This will certainly vary from patient to patient.

Best of luck.

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Swelling After TT 7 Weeks?

The rate at which the swelling resolves varies a lot from patient to patient. Usually most is gone by 3 months, all by 6-12 months. It is common for it to become more noticeable later in the day. 

Wearing compression at least during the day is usually effective in decreasing the changes that occur during the day.

Otherwise, patience. 

All the best. 

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Swelling Postop Tummy Tuck

I cannot comment specifically on your situation but I advise my patients that they may not see their final appearance for 3 months following a tummy tuck.  You should certainly discuss this with your plastic surgeon and an exam should indicate whether there is any fluid that needs to be removed or whether you need to continue with compression of the area.

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