Poor treatment at post op septoplasty appointment?

I had septoplasty w/ turbinate & concha bullosa clearing, experienced post op bleeding & pain. Callled on call surgeon 2x & went to ER for bleeding, fever, and dizziness. Bloodwork was normal. I think surgeons were upset w/ me. At 1 week post op appoint, she used instruments to stretch out small nostrils in order to see up my nose for the splint stitch removal. This was the worst pain of the procedure. Is it is common practice to numb the edge of nostril prior? Pain was obviously excruciating.

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Post op problems after septoplasty

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Sorry to hear about your problems. You are not giving enough information to make an intelligent judgement. But, there is no excuse for on call Doctor not to respond to a patient call. Normally, splint sutures can easily be removed along with the splint, if one is used, without the need for any anesthetic. You may have had some unusual issue that was not appropriately addressed or recognized. Hope you are doing better now.

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