What Are Side Effects Of Atropine?

Hi Doctors what are side effects of atropine ? I've been taking 2 drops every 4 hours for 3 weeks now plus getting botox injection for my parotid fistula .I feel that atropine helps me more but it makes my eyes blurry and hurts my ovaries ... is it dangerous... should I stop ??? if not how long can I take it and what are the normal or usual dosage of atropine ?

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Atropine side effects

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Atropine side-effects include:
1. drying of secretions which is you are taking it - to stop the parotid making saliva to heal the fistula,
2. blurred vision from dilating the eye,
3. fast heart rate and heart arrythmias when too much is given
4. and confusion

Discuss the side-effects with your doctor, read the package insert for atropine carefully and see if your dose can be decreased for your comfort.

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