I Have Parotid Fistula, Took Atropine Drops for 2 Weeks, Felt Better But Stomach Hurt, Dr Suggested Botox?

I got the first botox injections about 4 weeks ago I do feel a lot better but I still have the fistula... I know I have to repeat the injections but how long do I have to wait to get the next treatment ... and would botox really heal the fistula I feel so hopeless what else can I do ...... thank you

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Parotid fistula

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Botox may indeed help your parotid fistula to heal. That is a very good option for treatment. Sometimes a surgical repair may be required if that does not work. I would discuss your options with your surgeon.

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Cheek Implant, parotid Fistula

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Reading your posts, you seem to have a very complex history. One needs to review all the medical records and tests done.
After trying atropine and Botox with no improvement, and history of "cleaning the fistula" . you will need to confirm the diagnosis, with a sialogram to evaluate the integrity of the parotid Duct (Stenson Duct).
May be an MRI  to make sure you are not draining due to infection.
Once the diagnosis is made then a plan for surgery is made. One also would be able to see the gap in the duct and decide on the proper repair.

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