Mommy Makeover, with Liposuction? (photo)

I have had a significant wgt loss of 70 lbs. I would still like to loose 20 more but I am at a plateau and most of my weight is in my stomach. I am scheduled in one month to have abdominoplasty, with liposuction (extensive), beast lift and implants, and I also want liposuction to my chin area. My doctor feels he can do all this in 5 hours and for my chin just lipo, is this the norm? I am 49 years old and I have great skin. I exercise 5 times a week, usually (weights and cardio).

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Mommy Makeover After Weight Loss

Congrats on losing the weight!  If your surgeon says he can do the surgery in the stated time, I'm sure he can.  Overnight observation is recommended following this type of surgery.  Discuss this with your surgeon prior to surgery.  Best of luck for a rapid recovery!

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Improvement expected, ideal weight would be better

While I am sure that your surgeon can perform the surgery in the stated time and get you quite a nice result, the extra fat that resides inside your belly can prevent this from being an even more spectacular result!  If you can lose a few more pounds before surgery the results will pay off even more.  try laying flat and look at your upper abdomen. If it goes in like a bowl... then go for it! if it is flat or protrudes, try more weight loss before the abdominoplasty.  

Manuel M. Pena, MD
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Weight loss

Your best results occur when you are at your stable weight.  Sometimes patients need a bit of a jump start to get those last few pounds off, though, and getting the surgery done earlier may be just the boost they need.  Based on your pictures, you appear to be an excellent candidate for the tummy tuck.  I can't tell much about your other planned procedures from your pictures, however.  Five hours seems very quick for getting all the things you mentioned done, but I am sure your doctor would not tell you this unless he feels confident that he can complete the procedures in that time.

Edwin C. Pound, III, MD
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Body Contouring After Weight Loss

Thank you for your question and photos.  If your surgeon is confident that he can complete the procedures in the stated time, then you should do well. Given the extent of surgery an overnight observation would be in order. Attention to blood clot prevention is also very important with combined procedures. Discuss this matter further with your surgeon. All the best.

Robert F. Centeno, MD, FACS
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Mommy Makeover (extensive)

You photos show that you are a good candidate for a tummy tuck.  The other parts of your makeover may also be reasonable.  Be wary of combining liposuction with a full abdominoplasty: liposuction increases swelling and increases wound healing risks. Especially since you are having so much else done I would defer the lipo for now.  Wait until you are fully healed and all scars have matures.  Then have the lipo and any minor "touch-ups" that might be needed.  This is a safer and more responsible approach.

Daniel Greenwald, MD
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Mother Makeover

Based on your photos, you look like a good candidate for a mother makeover.Considering you are using general anesthesia, five hours is an acceptable guideline for the length of surgery.The surgeries you propose are very common and you should do well. All the best.

Thomas A. Narsete, MD
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Mommy makeover result

Hello Betty,

Thank you for the question and the photos.  There is often no right or wrong answer when it comes to certain body contouring procedures.  I think more importantly what will decide which procedure you choose and which one will be best for you is the results that your are seeking.  For example, if you would like neck contour that shows off your jaw line and has a natural yet tight appearance liposuction alone will not be sufficient.  Your neck may have some residual excess fat but there is also excess skin and excess muscle laxity will only be corrected by a neck lift.  I consider myself an efficient surgeon but I know that for me liposuction of the waist, full tummy tuck, a breast augmentation and  breast lift would take me about 6 hours conservatively.  Perhaps you should discuss your neck contour goals with your plastic surgeon as you may want to have a face lift/neck lift down the road as opposed to neck lipo only concurrently with your mommy makeover procedure.

All the best,

Dr. Remus Repta

Remus Repta, MD
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Mommy Makeover, with Liposuction? (photo)

Quite a bit of surgery! If I were doing your surgery in ONE session I would do it in an in patient hospital setting with an overnight stay. Realize if things get bloody or other medical/surgical issues you may need additional surgery sessions


Darryl J. Blinski, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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Mommy make over and chin liposuction

Thank you for your question about combining a tummy tuck + liposuction, breast lift, breast implants and chin liposuction at 49, after losing 70 pounds.

  • Well done on the weight loss!
  • Surgery after major weight loss takes extra time to tailor the skin.
  • Your age, weight and length of surgery put you at high risk for blood clotsinfection
  • In my practice, I would do the tummy tuck and chin liposuction first. If I was one in  3/1/2 hours, I would do the breast lift. I would use anticoagulation. Later I would do the breast lift if time had run out and definitely do breast implants later.  Safety first!

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Mommy Makeover with Liposuction

A mommy makeover is classically abdominoplasty with breast surgery.  The abdominonoplasty often involves liposuction and for me this is a standard part of the procedure.  The breast surgery can involve a lift, implant or reduction and is safely performed in combination with the abdominoplasty.

These surgeries can be performed in 5 hours and adding liposuction of the chin is not unreasonable to add to the overall procedure.

I think yuor surgeon has a good plan as long as it meets your expectation and you have a clear understanding of what to expect

All the best


Jeremy Hunt

Jeremy Hunt, MBBS, FRACS
Sydney Plastic Surgeon
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