In a Revision Rhinoplasty Using Rib Cartilage, is It Common Practice to Remove Cartilage from 3 Ribs?

I recently underwent a 2nd rhino revision and this time rib was used. I am over a year post op and still have significant soreness in the area where the rib was harvested. In my post op report it states three different ribs were used 7-9. It states this was done because the first rib harested (8th) was contorted, the second one harvested (9th) was too small, therefore a piece of the 7th rib was taken. Is this common in a healthy, average weight, 36 year old person?

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Rib graft Rhinoplasty

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Usually the right fifth rib is used. Sometimes the sixth rib is taken. The right side is chosen so as not to confuse doctors with heart surgery. The need to harvest three ribs usually occurs during total reconstruction of an ear.

Removing Cartilage from 3 Ribs for Rhinoplasty

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       No, this is not common.  While one rib harvest is usually sufficient, selection of a better piece of cartilage is not unreasonable.  If your surgeon does a lot of rhinoplasties, he or she probably did the right thing, especially if the graft looks good in the nose.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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