Considering a hair transplant. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi am 37 years old man and I am considering a hair transplant my hair was thin since I was 20 I don't want to lower my hairline witch is no much left I just want to add density and design it little better in the front I also draw the lines to help you better see and understand , if you need me to add more pictures pls let me know thank you

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Norwood pattern 5 is amendable to hair transplant but consider concentrating on the frontal loss.

What you have outlined for your hairline does appear quite reasonable. It is not possible to evaluate the texture and density of your donor hair from photos which makes a personal consultation important in your case. You will need to understand the realistic expectations of a hair transplant and how your native hair will continue to recede over time until about age 60. It would take 8,000-10,000 grafts to fill the entire thinning scalp but 1500-1800 grafts is very likely to give you a nice improvement in your hairline. Most men are more concerned with this area. Though your crown is also thinning, you may want to hold off treating for now.

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Considering a FUE Hair Transplant

Thank you for your question and the photos that you included with your post.  

Hair transplant procedures are tremendously popular and have been growing in popularity with all of the advancements made in surgical technique over the years.  No longer are the days where every hair transplant requires the strip method that can leave a patient with that permanent, linear, tell-tale signature scar.  With the follicular unit extraction (FUE) methods, specifically the NeoGraft technique, hair transplants have become virtually scarless, require no more than local anesthesia, and have little to no downtime and post-procedural discomfort.

Based upon the photographs that you included with your post, I do believe that you would be a good candidate for a NeoGraft hair transplant procedure to add density and fullness to the frontal scalp and better definition of your hair line.  Without seeing you for a full consultation and exam, it is difficult to say exactly how many grafts would be required to achieve your desired result, however I do believe that you are probably looking in the 1500-2000 graft range.  

If you are seriously considering a hair restoration/transplant procedure,  I would recommend scheduling a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in these techniques.  At the time of your consultation your aesthetic goals and concerns will be fully addressed and you will be evaluated to determine your candidacy based upon your medical health history and sufficiency of donor site.  All of these factors will be critical in determining how many grafts will be necessary to achieve the desired result and what limitations, if any, exist.  

I hope you find this helpful!

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37 year old male

Frontal hair loss in a 37 year old male is best treated with a hair transplant (between 1500-2000 grafts) 

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If you are concerned about hair loss, you can start by seeing a doctor for a proper exam before considering treatment options

If you are concerned about hair loss, you can start by seeing a doctor for a proper exam before considering treatment options.  Hair transplant may be an option but it requires an understanding of what is possible with realistic expectation.

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Considering a hair transplant. Any suggestions?

Thank you for posting your question and sharing your photos. From the looks of the pics you have attached, pending on the design and surface area, seems like you can use anywhere from 3000 to 3500 grafts. The higher you keep the hairline, less grafts would be required. Hope this helps. You donor region also looks great. Hope this helps. 

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Fue Hair Transplant

I would suggest that a hair transplant is absolutely a great option for you. You would definitely need a consultation to know for sure what the plan would be to get you the absolute best results. 

The first thing would be to restore your frontal hairline and get some great density there. This could be achieved with 2000-2500 grafts I would say. Having a strong frontal hairline will also give the impression of having a full head of hair. 

In 4-6 months after the first procedure that would be done to restore your frontal hairline we would assess the remaining areas of the head and look at possibly doing a second treatment to add more density throughout. But that would just be a future option and something that would be discussed and properly assessed at a later date once the results of the first treatment start to show. 

I hope this helps in your decision making process. 

Cory Torgerson, MD, PhD, FRCSC
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