Fraxel Restore Horror Stories on Real Self?

Hi there, So, there seems to be an ample number of Fraxel Restore horror stories from unhappy patients... especially on this particular site. Is Fraxel Restore really that bad/risky of a treatment, or do most treatments turn out really well? I'm looking for basic skin rejuvenation and smoothing but nothing more than that. I have very dry, combination skin type with no acne at all. Looking to do primarily on the the face and neck. Also willing to consider Pixel (or other profractionate). Many Thanks!

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Fraxel restore "Horror" Stories

Hi Anon,

Our practice has used Fraxel restore since in first came out many years ago.  We have not experienced any of the "horror" stories, and have not had any significant adverse events at all.  Some of the patients who experienced these "horror" stories and shared them here on RealSelf were later found to have skin or other medical problems that led to adverse effects and poor healing.  Others were treated with inferior lasers that were grouped into the "Fraxel" class, though they were not actually Fraxel lasers.


As with any medical or surgical procedure, it is essential that the treating physician perform a complete history and physical examination to make sure that the patient is a good candidate for the laser treatment.  We have turned away those patients whom we felt had contr-indications for the treatment.  It is also most important to choose your treating physician most carefully.  I can only speak for the experience that we have had in our practice with Fraxel restore.  In our hands it is one of the safest treatments that we perform.  Good luck and be well.


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