Is there anything I can do to fix my crooked smile? (Photo)

I am 18 and have had braces twice for a total of 5 years.I still wear my retainer every night yet my teeth have shifted.My mouth is pretty small and from looking at the pictures I am convinced it is crooked.When glancing in the mirror one of my two front teeth is an inch longer than the other.It is very upsetting and I never smile because my teeth are so messed up.Is there anything I can do to fix it?I feel like in the pictures you can't see how truly slanted they are.

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Crooked Smile after 5 Years of Braces

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Hi beachbeach98,

I hate to hear that you've worn braces for 5 years and are unhappy with your smile.  From your photos, I can see the uneveness of the front teeth and crooked areas of your smile.  It also looks like your premolars are dropped down on the sides, and there is too much gum show --  more on one side than the other.  I hate to suggest more orthodontics for your case, however that's where I would start.  My advice is for you to find the most skilled and experienced orthodontists (or dentists who are extremely successful in orthodontics - like a Rondeau-trained dentist), and ask for a consultation.  It's possible that some oral surgery could be needed for the most ideal result, but maybe not. Your teeth are nice looking, and appear healthy, so I think if you could get them to the ideal position it will be your best bet.

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