Fistula After Cheek Implant Removal?

HI doctors ... i have a fistula in my mouth right after the removal of cheek implant and nose implant due to infection .. my dr have opened the fistula and cleaned it twice already but its not going away im so hopeless what should i do ? i feel numbness and tingling where the maxillary sinus is on my left side and half of my lips what else can i do please help

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Parotid Fistula

     If you have a parotid leak, you may want to consider antisialagogue therapy (medications to reduce saliva production) and Botox to the affected parotid gland. The enzymatic action of the saliva may be degrading tissue and nerves, and they will heal if given a reprieve from the enzymes. I have used this technique for referred facelift patients x 7, and I have had success in all.  Every case and cause is different, and you should find a real expert in this regard.  Good luck.

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